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Sustainability covers a wide variety of factors in the cotton supply chain. At Maninos we focus on methods of water conservation in the field through working conditions in the factories up to the energy efficiency in the points of sale.


For us it is vitally important that small producers understand the audit and guarantee of their supply chains all the way back to the raw material. Our goal is to offer this level of traceability of retail partners, working with cotton made in Mexico.



Sustainability covers a wide variety of factors in the cotton supply chain, which is why it is of vital importance for small producers to understand the objective of creating and maintaining a clean field, therefore MANINOS ALGODONERA adds forces with Amocali AC for promote and raise awareness of environmental care through the program "CLEAN FIELD" with the objective of carrying out the practice and culture of the technique of triple washing, collecting, compaction and shipping to the final destination of the agrochemical containers used in agricultural practices.

"CLEAN FIELD" Amocali A.C is governed by a Management Plan for empty containers of crop protection and related products registered with SEMARNAT and the guidelines of the FAO Code of Conduct.


Maninos Cotton Company has the initiative to promote the program "Clean Field" Amocali A.C. in order to reduce the environmental impact of the practices that are carried out within the cotton field for a sustainable guideline within the supply chain.



For MANINOS COTTON COMPANY it is of great importance to generate a positive impact on society and contribute to constantly improve social activities, this in conjunction with "TODO VIEN" Social marketing, which is why we work together with brands, companies, media and opinion leaders to carry out actions that improve our environment in order to change the world through social projects


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